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Cast Metal Plaques & Markers

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Recognize an individual, capture an historic footnote, or dedicate a building -- elegantly and permanently -- with cast metal plaques or markers in aluminum or bronze.

Standard or Custom
Whether your plaque or marker contains standard text or custom artwork, we can manufacture a plaque to your specifications in just 9 days following approval of artwork.

Quality for Decades
Your two-dimensional artwork will be transformed into a precise three-dimensional plaque made from the purest alloys of aluminum or LEAD FREE Bronze. Our quality is made to last for decades. Guaranteed.

Available Typestyles

Plaque Fonts

Some of the common uses today include:
· Memorials
· Recognition/Awards
· Corporate Identification
· Golf Courses
· House/Building numbers
· Name Plates
· Information/Navigation


Straight Edge Single Line Edge Double Line Edge Single Line Beveled Edge

Pebble Texture

Smooth/Reverse Texture

Straight Edge
Single Line
Double Line
Single Line Beveled
Straight Edge Single Line Edge Double Line Edge Single Line Beveled Edge  

Note: This limited offering of plaques is available when fast delivery is required and reflects our
ability to produce precision machined products. They are not cast but use cast stock.