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Flat Cut Metal Letters & Logos

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Flat cut metal letters and logos are available in ALUMINIUM, BRONZE, BRASS, COPPER, STAINLESS STEEL and HOT ROLLED STEEL in many thicknesses and finishes.

Letters & Logos made from Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper or Stainless Steel

Pentium powered computers paired with the latest graphics software reproduce your most complex ideas. Your letters and logos are then routed with either cnc MACHINERY or WATERJET CUT.

Waterjet cut letters and logos are made using a fine, high pressure stream of water that carries an abrasive mineral. This fine stream cuts and allows for sharp inside corners, intricate detail on logos, and letters under 2" high.

Router cut letters and logos are mechanically routed out of flat metal stock. Based on the material thickness and letter size, a 1/8"-1/4" router bit will be used. As a result, inside corners will have a slight radius.

Both methods of cutting allow the same surface finishes after being cut.


Advantages of using Flat Cut Metal letters:

  • Hundreds of letter styles to choose from
  • 24 Metal finishes or 38 Standard Painted colors
  • Razor sharp clean lines
  • Easy to reproduce custom letter styles and logos
  • Expert in house architectural anodizing process
  • Multiple thicknesses
  • Lower cost than buying sheet and cutting
  • Recyclable Metals