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Pronto Changeable Letters, Numbers & Word Plates

Make It As Easy To Change Your Message As It Is To Change Your Mind.

Letters with feet & raised edges stand above the rest.
Raised edges prevent scratches on the letter face and precision molded feet prevent the letters from locking up in the letter track. Only our letters are made with this innovative letter design.

Over 75 years of quality production.
Our Bevelite-Adler line of Saw Cut letters have been in use for theaters, gas stations, and many other retail outlets for over 75 years. Many custom sizes, styles and colors are created for our customers every day.

Theater Marquee
Clear acrylic blanks are precision injection molded to a .080" thickness. These blanks will not warp or blow away under nearly all conditions. Raised edges prevent scratching. Feet on the base of each letter keep it clear of dirt buildup in the track, and prevent the letter from being frozen to the track in winter. These premium blanks are silk screened with ecologically sound UV inks. This design has received U.S. Patent D 354313.

Promotional offers change, prices move up or down, movies come and go. Your message needs to attract the attention of each and every passerby ... on foot or on wheels!

We offer several different Changeable Copy products that have the versatility to meet your needs. Pronto Injection Molded and hand cut letters are designed for ever changing specials and prices. Pronto-Glo, Slotted and Snap-Lok are great options for a Theater Marquee look.

Standard sets are available or specify your own mix. Click on a sample below to see more information on a specific type of Changeable Letter.
PRONTOBrand - Injection Molded
Pronto Brand - Injection MoldedClear acrylic blanks are precision injection molded and silk screened with UV cured inks. Raised edges prevent scratching. Feet on the base clean the track and prevent winter freeze-in. Blank widths vary based on letter size and style. Bevelite Adler Hand Cut & Clear Coated since 1933, continuing the Bevelite-Adler tradition. Letters and numbers are silk screened on an acrylic face and CLEAR COATED. The thickness of the acrylic blank for letters and numbers under 10" is .080". Letters and numbers over 10" are .100".
PRONTO GLOBrand - Reverse Copy
BRIGHT GLO™ Brand - Reverse Copy
Pronto Glo Brand - Reverse CopyTransparent letter with silk screened black background. Bright Glo Brand - Reverse Copy Die-cut pebbled face in black or bronze, lamenated to a clear, white or translucent yellow acrylic back.
SNAP LOK™ Brand - Theater Marquee
SLOTTED™ Brand - Theater Marquee
Snap Lok Brand - Theater MarqueeSnap-Lok...5,6,8,10,12,17, 24 and 31"
Standard B...4 1/2, 6, 8, 17 and 24"
Snap-Lok A...4, 6 and 8"
Slotted A & B Brand - Theater Marquee Thermoformed Slotted letters are essentially Snap-Lok letters with angled slots instead of metal tabs. Injection molded Slotted B letters offer a flatter face and sharper edge.